Blue Diver ANA25 Quantrix

Fully automated processing via BlueDiver Instrument and analysis via Dr. Dot Software

The BlueDiver Instrument has been conceived to comply with the CE IVD recommendations and major laboratory accreditation requirements.

BlueDiver ANA25 Quantrix

First Fully Quantitative ANA determination via micro Immunodot:

  • Up to 25 autoantibodies quantified simultaneously
  • Triplicate determination of each antigen
  • Complete integrated calibration curve in each strip for fully quantitative results
  • Multiple built in reagent controls
  • Sensitivity: 94-100% for all antigens*
  • Specificity: 94-100% for all antigens

Automation of BlueDiver® Dot and BlueDiver® Quantrix kits

BlueDiver® Instrument : Automated processing

The BlueDiver® Instrument is the result of an internal development to automate the BlueDiver® Dot and the BlueDiver® Quantrix kits. The BlueDiver® Instrument is a compact and innovative machine which processes the strips with ready-to– use reagents provided in individual cartridges.

This “no pump – no liquid handling” machine presents many advantages :

  • Time-effectiveness, as results are obtained in1 hour
  • Limited maintenance, as no pumps/tubes have to be serviced or replaced
  • Space-effectiveness, as the BlueDiver® Instrument is a convenient laboratory adapted automate

Moreover the specifi c architecture of the BlueDiver® Instrument and the standardized test procedures allow the testing of 24 different samples on 24 similar or completely different test strips. This fact combined with the tremendous reduction of processing time gives maximum fl exibility to laboratory technicians. The BlueDiver® Instrument has been conceived to comply with the CE IVD recommendations and major laboratory accreditation requirements.

  • Sample volume : 10µl
  • Total processing time (1) + (2) : 75 minutes
    1. Preparation time (samples, initialization and reading) : 15 minutes
    2. Running time (walk-away time) : 60 minutes
  • 24 patients tested per run
  • Allows the processing of more than 30 different tests
  • Up to 600 results (BlueDiver® Quantrix) or up to 288 results (BlueDiver® Dot) in one hour and one run

Dr. Dot Interpretation System

Dr DOT is a multilingual software which allows an easy semi-quantitative or quantitative interpretation of respectively BlueDot, BlueDiver® Dot and BlueDiver® Quantrix kits. It only requests a computer and the BlueScan scanner.

The BlueScan is a flat-bed scanner dedicated to the interpretation of D-tek’s strips. The scanner contains an internal standard scale which allows the calibration of the scanner at any time.

The Dr DOT software contains a database that keeps record of all saved results (numeric values and scanned images). So, one specifi c result can be found via a multi-criteria research engine.

The Dr DOT software can import and export data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format from and to the Laboratory Information System (LIS). Final results can also be sent by e-mail (Outlook or Outlook Express), printed and saved on pdf format.

Once installed on a computer, the software works free of charge for a 30 days evaluation period. After that, the user has to register for a license which is granted for life and includes free of charge updates.