Premier Hb9210 TM

Our patented boronate affinity methodology offers you accurate & precise results, virtually free from interference, in a rapid & highly scalable package. Delivering substantial workflow benefits, the platform is ideal for the most demanding laboratory & clinical environments.

Accurate & Precise

  • IFCC (mmol HbA1c/mol Hb)
  • NGSP (% HbA1c)

You can also rely on best in class precision, linearity & specificity:

  • Precision: Intra-run CVs below 2% guarantee a reliable, repeatable result.
  • Linearity: From 3.8%HbA1c to 18.5%HbA1c ensures accuracy for the whole diabetic population.
  • Specificity: minimal interference from variants, interferents, matrix effects & sample freezing.

The Boronate Affinity Advantage

The Premier Hb9210™ uses patented boronate affinity HPLC to detect all of the glycated Hb species present

The final HbA1c result is determined from a simple peak area fraction, making result interpretation extremely straightforward as there are only two peaks on the chromatogram:

  • one non-glycated (all other hemoglobin types)
  • one glycated (directly correlated to the HbA1c result)

Uniquely this offers:

No interference from common – and virtually all other hemoglobin variants

  • No issue with reporting an unrequested genetic parameter
  • Report HbA1c results with confidence

Automated validation of the chromatography

  • Eliminates operator intervention
  • Removes subjective interpretation
  • Allows automatic release to the LIS

Fast & High Capacity

Sample analysis in just 75 seconds delivers a throughput of 48 tests per hour. Capacity of 210 patient samples gives flexibility & capacity to all medium & high throughput laboratories.

Software & Connectivity

The Premier Hb9210 software combines operator ease-of-use with advanced data management facilities & LIS integration. The icon based touch-screen interface enables instant access to instrument operation, options, results & reagent options. Barcode entry of reagent, QC & sample data eliminates transcription errors and speed of data entry. A full audit trail allows for maximum quality assurance and regulatory compliance.